Pairing your Messenger Universal Keyboard

Your Messenger Universal can pair with virtually any Apple®, Android®, or Windows® device – including your home computer. Here’s how to pair it with whatever device you like.

1. Lift the cover off the keyboard and either fold it forward along its creased lines toward your keyboard, or back toward the underside of your keyboard. Folding it forward creates a convenient stand to hold your smartphone or tablet while you work and play. Folding it back angles the keyboard for a more ergonomic feel while you type. Whichever way is best for you, when you fold the cover
into place you’ll feel the magnets hidden inside it connect.

2. Turn your Messenger Universal Keyboard on by moving the power switch to the on position (on the 12” model), or by pressing and holding the power key for three seconds (on the 8” model). A green LED will light, indicating it has powered on.

3. Access the Bluetooth® settings on your device and ensure your Bluetooth connection is on.

4. Press your Messenger Universal’s Bluetooth key. The LED will flash blue indicating your keyboard is looking to pair with your device.

5. Program your keyboard based on the type of device you are pairing. For Windows® devices, press fn + W. For Apple® devices press fn + I. For Android™ devices press fn + A.

6. Select “ZAGG Keyboard” from your device’s list of available Bluetooth devices.

7. Follow any other pairing requirements based on your device.

*The Bluetooth wordmark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Zagg Inc is under license

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