How do I connect my keyboard with Bluetooth®?


1. On your device, select SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH

2. On the ZAGG keyboard, slide the POWER button “ON” and press the Bluetooth button

3. The “Status” light will flash on ZAGG keyboard and your device will display “ZAGG keyboard” as an ‘available device'

4. Select “ZAGG keyboard” on your device

5. The ZAGG keyboard will now be paired to your device and show “Connected” on the iPad®


A few things can cause devices not to pair with the ZAGG keyboard:

  • Dead battery
  • Need to Re-Pair the ZAGG keyboard to your device
  • Old device Software
  • Problem with ZAGG keyboard
1. Perform a hard reset on your device. Your device manufacture will have these instructions on their website
2. Turn off ZAGG keyboard
3. Turn the ZAGG keyboard on. You should see the status light turn on for about 4 seconds and then turn off. If not, charge your ZAGG keyboard.’
4. Turn on device and Go to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH
5. Do you see ZAGG keyboard listed as an “Available Device” on your device? If yes, click on the arrow to the right and then chose to have your device “Forget this Device.”
  1. Click on Bluetooth button on ZAGG keyboard and see status light flash.
  2. You should see ZAGG keyboard listed as an “Available Device.”
  3. Select ZAGG keyboard by touching it on your device.
  4. Your ZAGG keyboard should now be paired.

If your device gives you an error message, try again. If you still can’t get your ZAGG keyboard to pair, it is possible your device needs to have its software updated.


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