How Do I Pair my AIRTIME Wireless Earbuds with my Device?

1. Simply open the case and a pairing signal will be sent to your Bluetooth® device. The left earbud will flash white, indicating pairing mode.

2. Ensure your device's Bluetooth® connection is on and select "IFROGZ AIRTIME."

3. Complete any additional paring steps based on your device.  The earbuds's lights will turn off indicating that pairing was successful.

You can also turn on pairing mode by pressing the button in the charge case for 5 seconds.

It's not likely you will have trouble connecting your buds, but due to interference with other wireless signals, sometimes and extra step is needed.

Please follow these steps to reset the buds and sync them with your device.

1. When you open the case, the left earbud LED will flash indicating pairing mode.  If the left earbud does not flash for auto-pairing, a manual connection needed.

2. For a manual connection, take the earbuds from the case and hold both buttons for 5 seconds to turn them off.

3. After waiting a moment, press and hold the buttons for 7 seconds or until the white LEDs begin to flash.

4. Next, place the buds back in the case and wait a moment. The buds are now synced to each other and ready to pair with your device.

If you are still experiencing pairing issues, we suggest a full factory reset.  To factory reset, open your device's Bluetooth® settings and turn off the Bluetooth® feature.  Wait a moment, then turn it back on.  Sometimes your device requires a restart. You can also restart your device by shutting it down and then powering back on.

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