Only One Earbud is Working on My iFROGZ Truly Wireless Water-Resistant Earbuds

It's not likely you will have trouble connecting your buds, but due to interference with other wireless signals sometime an extra step is needed. Please follow these steps to get the buds reset and synced up with your device.

When you open the case, the left earbud led will flash indicating pairing mode. If the left earbud does not flash for auto-pairing, a manual connection needed. 

For a manual connection, take the earbuds from the case and hold both buttons for 5 seconds to turn them off. After waiting a moment, press and hold the buttons for 7 seconds or until the white LED's begin to flash. Next, place the buds back in the case and wait a moment. Now the buds are synced to each other and are ready to pair to your device. Please reference the quick start guide for the standard pairing procedure. 

Extended Pairing Suggestion:

When the cover of the case is opened the two earbuds (if not already paired) will pair to each other first (LED RED and WHITE alternate until paired) then the master earbud will pair to the device (Red and White LED Flash on one earbud).

If this pairing process is still not working.

The button in the case needs to be held down for 7 seconds to factory reset the pairing or the Bluetooth stack is cleared and the two ear buds will complete a fresh connection to each other without any past history.

There is a third pairing method which is to hold down the earbud button on both earbuds for 5 seconds to start the earbud pairing process. That is only if the charge case has not sent the signal to the earbuds in the case to already do this.

Usually making sure the earbuds are charged with the red led shutting off, indicates earbud is charge. Then make sure the earbuds are in the charge case and hold the charge case button down for 7 seconds.

Last but not least – Please make sure the Devices Bluetooth has been turned off, then back on before pairing.

Sometimes devices have to be shut down and restarted to fix Bluetooth connections.

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