Charging your Pocket Keyboard

You Pocket features a powerful battery that delivers up to three months of typing
between charges*. It also comes with a charging cable you can use to charge your
keyboard quickly and conveniently. To charge your Pocket:
1. Plug the included micro USB cable into the charging port.
2. Plug the regular USB end of the cable into any 5V USB outlet.
3. The LED will light red to show your Pocket is charging. Wait until this light
turns off indicating a full charge.
4. Remove the micro USB cable and enjoy your Pocket keyboard for up to
three months before you need to charge it again.
5. If at any point your Pocket keyboard begins performing strangely, reset its
system by recharging it.
* Three month battery life is based on an average use of one hour per day. Condition the battery with regular charges
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