Charging your Rugged Book

Your Rugged Book features a powerful lithium polymer battery that lasts for up
to two years of normal use between charges*. It comes with a charging cable
you can use to charge your keyboard quickly and conveniently. To charge your
Rugged Book, follow these steps:
1. Plug the micro USB connector into the charging port.
2. Plug the regular USB connector into any USB outlet.
3. A red LED under the Power button will illuminate to indicate your Rugged
Book is charging. Wait until this light turns off, indicating a full charge. It
usually takes 2-4 hours to completely charge your Rugged Book.
4. Remove the micro USB connector and enjoy your Rugged Book for up to
two years before you need to charge it again.
*Normal use is approximately one hour of use per day without the backlit feature. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and will require more frequent charging.
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