Inserting your device- Pocket Keyboard

Your Pocket is designed with a convenient stand and tray that hold your device
at an ideal viewing angle. To use the stand, open your Pocket fully. On the third
panel (the one with the ZAGG logo) lift the stand away from the keyboard’s fold
line (at the bottom of the panel).
To open the device tray, place your finger in the indent located in the inside center of the third panel (once it is unfolded). Using your finger, press down slightly and pull away from the panel and the tray will lower into position. Simply place your device in the tray in portrait or landscape orientation and enjoy a perfect viewing angle. For best experience, use in landscape mode.* Press the tray back into its storage slot when you’re done typing.
*Especially for small tablets up to 8 in., similar to an iPad® mini. Not recommended for larger size tablets, such as an iPad Air.
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