What are the special function keys for my ZAGG Folio Keyboard?

Your ZAGG Folio keyboard has been designed with the following special function keys to give you more control over your favorite devices:


HOME – Displays your device’s home screen.


LOCK – Activates and deactivates your device’s sleep mode.


SEARCH- Opens your iPad’s search function.


KEYBOARD HIDE/SHOW – Hides or shows your device’s on-screen keyboard.



PREVIOUS TRACK – Skips to the previous track on your selected playlist.


PLAY/PAUSE – Starts or pauses your current playlist.


NEXT TRACK – Skips to the next track on your selected playlist.


MUTE – Mutes your device’s audio.



VOLUME DOWN – Decreases your device’s volume.


VOLUME UP – Increases your device’s volume.


CAPS LOCK – Activates the Caps Lock feature. When Caps Lock is on a blue indicator light will remain lit until it is turned off. To turn Caps Lock off, press Caps again.


LANGUAGE SYMBOL - Toggles between keyboard languages (if active on your device).


Fn + CTRL + BATTERY SYMBOL – Indicates remaining battery life.


FN + BACKLIGHT SYMBOL – Pressing the fn + Light Bulb icon once will turn on the backlights, pressing them again will turn off the backlights.

NOTE: The backlights will automatically turn off after a couple seconds if not used. Begin typing again to activate them.


FN+ DELETE – Forward delete.

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