How Do I Use the Wireless Hub part of My Sound Hub Wireless Earbuds?

Your Sound Hub Tone Wireless earbuds feature a wireless control that houses all music and call controls for easy access. When you’re not using your earbuds, the magnetic storage clip makes cable management easy; simply wrap the earbud cables around the wireless control and secure them in place with the storage clip.

Whether they’re in your ears or in your pocket, the Sound Hub Tone Wireless earbuds are made to move. Here’s a quick reference for how to use the wireless control.

Button Functions:

Hub Button
- Quick press – Play/Pause/Answer call/End call
- Medium press - Voice control (Siri and Android)
- Long press – Power on/Power off/Deny call

Plus Button
- Quick press – Volume up
- Long press – Track next song

Minus Button
- Quick press – Volume down
- Long press – Track previous song

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