How do I pair my ZAGG Keyboard to the mophie Power App?

Select ZAGG keyboard models include the mophie Power App.  Follow these steps to pair your ZAGG keyboard to the mophie Power App.

1.  When you will initially see your iPad battery information when you open the mophie Power App.

2. Click on the plus sign in order to pair the ZAGG keyboard.

3. Choose the ZAGG Keyboard.

4. This will bring up the Add Device screen.  In order to begin pairing, hold down the Bluetooth® button on the keyboard for 3 or more seconds.

5. The Select a Device screen will appear.  Select your keyboard.  

6. Verify your correct device has been selected, tap Pair.

7. Once the Keyboard has successfully been paired, a message will be displayed that the pairing has been confirmed. Tap the Done button.

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