How do I play music on my ZAGG Flex Arc™ earbuds?

Your Flex Arc lets you enjoy your audio through the earbuds, or through the external speakers. Here’s how to use both:

1. Pair your Flex Arc as described in the Power and Pairing article.

2. Press the Play button to begin playing your audio.

Note: If your earbuds are fully retracted, your audio will automatically play through the speakers. If one or both earbuds are extended, your audio will play through the earbuds. You can manually change the play mode by quick-pressing the Power button.

3. While audio is playing, press the Play button to pause your audio. Press the Play button while paused to resume playing.

4. Control your volume by quick-pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

5. Press and hold the Volume Up button to track forward on your playlist. Press and hold the Volume Down button to track back on your playlist.

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