How do I capture video bursts using my Now Cam?

Your Now Cam is able to capture short six-second videos – perfect for sharing your good times on social media. Recall, your Now Cam does not need to be connected via Bluetooth® in order for the camera to work. Here’s how to snag those short clips:

1. Ensure your Now Cam camera is powered on as described above.

2. Turn the camera dial so that the 6s icon is aligned with the red selection nub.

3. Press the shutter button once.

4. A tone will indicate the camera is warmed up and recording. If you were playing music when you begin recording, your music will mute until recording stops; after you stop recording it will resume playing automatically.

5. While recording, the LED next to the camera lens will flash red every second. Your Now Cam will automatically stop recording after six seconds; you can also press the shutter button again to stop recording.

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