How Do I Install InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense Curve For Samsung Galaxy S8® and Samsung Galaxy 8+®?

Please read the instructions all the way through before you start. You got this! We have also created a helpful installation video. 

Clean Your Screen

Clean your screen thoroughly using the cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, and dust removal sticker, even if you have just taken the phone out of the box. The cleaning process prepares the screen to adhere to InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense Curve.


  1. Cleaning Wipe
  2. Microfiber Cloth
  3. Dust Removal Sticker

Attaching the Top of the InvisibleShield


  1. Remove the InvisibleShield from the bag and tray.
  2. Turn your device on to a light-colored screen.
  3. Remove the liner marked with a 1 icon.
  4. Hold the InvisibleShield with the EZ Apply® tabs and align the two perforated holes with the speaker on your device. Press ONLY the clear area at the TOP of the InvisibleShield around the speaker and camera.


STOP: DO NOT lay the entire InvisibleShield down on your device yet.

Attaching the Middle and Bottom of the InvisibleShield


1. While holding down the clear area at the top of the InvisibleShield and holding the rest of the InvisibleShield up off the device, align the yellow edges of the shield with the edges of your device. You can use the top yellow edge as a guide to help you see if your lines are straight.


2. Still holding the yellow area up OFF of the phone at an angle with one hand, use the other hand to make one fluid swipe down the center to the bottom of the screen. DO NOT press down on the edges yet. You can swipe up and down the center again with the squeegee if necessary.


3. Peel away the yellow protective layer.


Attaching the Edges of the InvisibleShield

Tip: At this point in the installation process, turn off your phone by pressing the button on the side of the phone. It’s easier to apply the InvisibleShield to the edges of your phone if the screen is dark.


  1. Start by looking for any areas along the edges that may have already begun to cling or adhere. Start there and press the InvisibleShield into place along the edges of your device with your thumb.
  2. Avoid pressing air towards a portion of the InvisibleShield that has already adhered to the screen. DO NOT use the squeegee around the edges of the device.
  3. Use your thumb to firmly press out any remaining bubbles.
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