How do I install InvisibleShield HD Dry for Samsung Galaxy S8®, Samsung Galaxy S8+®, or Note8?

Please follow the steps below.  We have also created a helpful installation video.


Step 1: Thoroughly Clean Your Screen


The HD® Dry won’t adhere properly if you don’t follow this step. Clean your screen thoroughly, even if it just came out of the box. Start with the wet wipe, followed by the microfiber cloth. Pay extra attention to the curved edges. Use the included dust removal sticker to remove any remaining lint or dust, again, concentrating on the edges of the phone.

Step 2: Peel and Align


Peel back the yellow liner just to the middle of the arrows. Do not peel all the way off yet. Then lay the yellow liner back down on the InvisibleShield and lightly smooth out any bubbles.


Pull the green tab toward you to expose the sticky side. Do not touch the sticky surface.


With the yellow tab at the top of the phone, align the yellow guide with the phone’s display.

Step 3: Squeegee Up the Center


Press down with the squeegee at the bottom of the phone and move forward slightly. The arrows will flip to point at the phone’s screen. Continue to move the squeegee up the phone in one fluid motion. Do not stop until you have reached the top of the screen. This will automatically remove the arrow layer. Do not remove the yellow layer yet.

Step 4: Press Down the Edges


Use your thumbs to roll the edges of the screen protection down over the curved sides of your phone.

Step 5: Remove the Yellow Liner


Peel back the yellow liner, pull back—not up. Roll is off gently. Finally press down the edges of HD Dry one more time. Do not use the squeegee on the edges of your phone.

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