How do I install InvisibleShield Glass Curve for Samsung Galaxy S8® and Samsung Galaxy 8+®?

Please follow the steps below.  We have also created a helpful installation video.

Step 1: Thoroughly Clean Your Screen


The Glass Curve won’t adhere properly if you don’t follow this step. Turn off your phone and remove any accessories (case, screen protection, etc.). Clean your screen thoroughly, even if it just came out of the box. Start with the wet wipe, followed by the microfiber cloth. Pay extra attention to the curved edges since the screen protection will adhere to this area. Use the included dust removal sticker to remove any remaining lint or dust, again, concentrating on the edges of the phone.

Step 2: Place the EZ Apply® Tray


You must use the install tray to ensure proper alignment. If your InvisibleShield is not on straight, you may have functionality issues. Set the EZ Apply Tray on the top of your device and firmly press down to secure it in place. The two teeth should be at the top of the screen and the InvisibleShield name should be at the bottom. Check the corners to make sure they are secure and properly aligned.

Step 3: Peel & Align


Peel away the clear protective film labeled number 1. Do not touch the exposed surface. Then, use the EZ Apply tabs to place your InvisibleShield into the EZ Apply Tray and onto your phone. Make sure the speaker cutouts line up properly.

Step 4: Apply


Press down on the center of the glass to push out any air. Hold your InvisibleShield in place and press firmly around its edges; make sure you press at the top and bottom, as well as all along the curved edges.

Step 5: Finish


Use either of the tabs on your InvisibleShield to slowly lift away the clear protective layer. Then remove the EZ Apply Tray from your phone.



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